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Things to Bring With You When Buying a new Car

It’s very exciting to walk into a car dealership and drive out in a brand new car but this excitement can dwindle if you don’t have the right paperwork and information with you but you can avoid that by reading our overview of things to bring with you when buying a new car so you’ll be prepared and ready to drive off the lot.

Things to Bring With You When Buying a new Car

Things to Bring With You When Buying a new Car

1. New Car Purchase Checklist

Purchase checklist can help you gather everything you’ll need to buy a new car before you jump into the process of buying a new car whether new or used.

2. Your driver’s license

Take it with you always as some dealers may need to confirm that you’re a licensed driver before you drive off in your new car and make sure it’s valid and not expired.

3. Proof of insurance

Before driving out with your new car, you’ll need proof of insurance when buying a new car from the dealer or your insurance company as this is required in most states and you can speed up the insurance process and avoid delays at the dealership by calling your insurance agent first to ask them how you can prepare to remove your old vehicle and add your new vehicle to your policy but be sure to bring your current proof of insurance card to the dealer, too.

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4. Form of payment

You have to make your payment ready and if you’re getting a loan with the dealership, make sure to be there on time to handle all the relevant paperwork. Make an agreement with the car dealer before going and also check with their financing department to see their required documents and preapproved financing.

5. Recent pay stubs

Note that when you are planning on getting a loan through the dealers, they may demand you to show proof of your recent employment so come with a copy of your current pay stubs just in case.

6. History of your Credit score

Although the dealership can pull your credit score and history, it’s advised you check it yourself, review it and bring it with you when you plan to buy your car. And don’t forget to check for signs of unpaid or late bills and resolve them.

7. All discount information

You can have a discount coming from your credit card company or anyone else including the dealer but make sure you have all the necessary information about the promo with you

8. List of references

Where you don’t have good credit
record and you are applying for a loan through the dealership, you might also have to supply a list of references who don’t live with you such as their full names, their
Business address and contact details to vouch for you.Things to Bring With You When Buying a new Car

Things to Bring to Trade in Your Car with a dealer

If you’re planning to trade your current vehicle in when you buy your new car, you’ll need an extra paperwork and be prepared to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Ask what you need to bring when buying a used car? Chances are, they’ll have you bring these things to streamline your car buying and trading process:

1. Current certificate of title

The dealer should be able to help you prepare to transfer your car’s title to them. If you can’t locate your title, contact your local DMV to get a duplicate with a fee though

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2. Current vehicle registration

Except your current car is going to be thrown to the junk after you trade it, you need to provide the current registration of the car for you to be able to trade it

3. A clean vehicle

You mustn’t get the car washed and detailed but you can take out all of your personal belongings so you don’t get caught up in the deal and forget something that’s important to you. It’ll also be rude to the dealer and hand over a car full of food wrappers and cups, so tidy it up a bit.

4. Service records

Get all the service and repair records ready as the dealer will want to know the vehicle’s previous maintenance beyond the vehicle history report they’ll pull.

Buying a Car Out of State

When you are buying a new car out of state, there may be additional fees and paperwork to do so it’s a good idea to look up that state’s requirements on their DMV website. Generally, it pays to do an extra research on state special requirements for buying a new car, as some states have smog and emissions testing or safety inspections, while others do not.

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