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How to use orange peels for teeth whitening

How to use orange peels for teeth whitening

The natural color of our teeth usually darkens as we age and more and more surface stains begin to accumulate.

These could be because of tobacco usage or consumption of dark-colored foods and drinks that are highly acidic.

Teeth whitening refers to various professional and home remedies used to bleach teeth and make them several shades lighter.

Visiting a dentist periodically to clean and bleach teeth can remove both surface and deep-rooted stains and keep teeth healthy.

There are also home kits that use bleaching products like toothpastes, strips and gels which can whiten teeth.

Whitening Teeth With Orange Peels
Apart from home kits, there are many foods that can act as natural teeth whiteners. Including them in your diet can give you healthy teeth and a bright smile.

Some fruits with natural bleaching agents are strawberries, apples and raisins.

An orange peel is also said to be an effective way to remove surface stains simply, easily and cost-effectively.

Rubbing the insides (white part) of an orange peel just before brushing is said to produce excellent results.

The albedo or white part of the orange peel contains vitamin C, pectin, limonene, glucarate and soluble fiber.

Many of these compounds act as natural teeth whiteners.

For example, limonene contains natural solvent cleaners and is used commercially in many teeth whitening products. Fortunately, orange peels are not acidic like the fruit and hence will not erode enamel.

Using orange peels to whiten teeth will not have lasting results.

However, it is not harmful and could prevent food debris from accumulating on teeth, therefore reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

Lemon peels are also said to have similar effects as orange peels. However, you must realize that both fruits contain high acid content.

This is why experts recommend that when you eat the fruit, you must immediately brush or rinse thoroughly to prevent residual acid from eating away at the enamel.

Always wash the orange thoroughly before peeling to remove dirt.

After peeling and rubbing the peel over your teeth, discard the rest and brush or rinse at once.

Remember that commercially harvested oranges could contain pesticides.

Hence, they must be thoroughly washed before use. If you can get certified, organically grown oranges, it will be free of herbicides and pesticides.

Source; https://pegirite.com/how-to-use-orange-peels-for-teeth-whitening/

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How to use orange peels for teeth whitening

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