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How to make butt enlargement oil

This article is on how to make butt enlargement oil and syrup this recipe will work well and fast without any side effects,all ingredients listed are all 100% organic,natural and plant based so be rest assured that there are not a single side effects.


1. 1 tsp volufiline
2. 1tbsp macadamia oil
3. 1tbsp fish oil
4. 1tbsp vitamin E oil
5. 1tbsp hempseed oil
6. 1/2 tbsp krill oil
7. 1/2 tbsp emu oil
8. 1tbsp pueraria mirifica extract
9. 1/2 tbsp sunflower oil
10. 1/2 tbsp omega
11. 3 fatty oil (olive,walnut,flaxseed)


1. Combine all the oil in a bowl & make sure you mix it
2.properly before pouring in a tight jar container
3. apply 2-3 times daily for fast results
4. visible results in 5-7 days.

How to make butt enlargement oil


-1tbsp maca root powder
-1tbsp pueraria mirifica
-2-4 tbsp honey

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1. Mix all in a bowl,you can add a little water to help dissolve
2.powder pour in a jar
3.how to make butt enlargement syrup is easy and very effective
4. ready to use.

Natural Family Planning.[uda Seed-negro Pepper Method]

The uda seed method, get like 150 worth, blend/grind to
powder. Put your pot on fire.
When your water is hot, Add in the uda powder, allow it to boil for some minutes,when it starts to boil you can turn off the fire. Allow to cool down, then Pour the uda water into a plastic bottle with cap. Store in the
fridge. Take a glass before sex with hubby. Can be stored in the
fridge for about 14 days but not by the door of the fridge.
Caution: the uda water is for natural family planning. If you
are TTC and you take it, nothing for you.

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  1. pls I can I get all this butt enlargement items and I also want to know if it will be permanent or would it go back to how it used to be if I loose weight.
    and pls also make a post about hip enlargement.
    thank you.


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