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How does mayonnaise make buttocks big

One of the more common questions I get asked about this topic is, “does mayonnaise make your bum bigger and how does mayonnaise make buttocks enlargement

Mayonnaise is basically a combination of egg yolks and a lot of oil which means it’s mostly fat. And, this high fat content makes it a calorie dense food and eating it always is an easy way to gain weight especially in around your bottom.

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Although it’s not a good idea to have too much of it, so take it easy.

How does mayonnaise for buttocks enlargementHow does mayonnaise for buttocks enlargement

Mayonnaise is very easy to make at home using a whisk and bowl but if you’re lazy like I am, a good hand blender makes it so much easier. If you need more convincing, watch this video of Gordan Ramsay himself making mayonnaise in less than 2 minutes.

How to almond butter for big buttocks

Almond butter contains more fat than it has protein which makes it a highly caloric food that can easily send weight up that butt.

It contains 6g of protein, 19g of fat and 220 calories per serving. And from personal experience, it’s easier to spread than regular peanut butter because it’s not as tense and of course, it’s tasty.

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How to use Greek yogurt for big buttocks

Greek yogurt has a stronger sour taste than regular yogurt because they’re more concentrated. Now how to use Greek yogurt for big buttocks :

Being more concentrated gives Greek yogurt almost twice as much protein than regular yogurt which is nearly 10g of protein for Greek yogurt and over 5g of protein for plain yogurt.

Although, the protein in Greek yogurt is mostly made up of casein as most of the whey gets left behind in the straining process. Drink it with your favorite whey protein powder and watch how your butt get bigger in no time.

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