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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Car Insurance In Washington



Now that you have bought a new car, you need a car insurance to cover for future repairs and damages and there are a number of insurance agencies claiming to cover almost every aspect at the most competitive prices, making the selection process quite difficult. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Car Insurance In Washington that will help you buy the most comprehensive and cheapest car insurance policy in Washington and other states across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Car Insurance In Washington

How to choose the best car insurance?

Before you begin to search for the best car insurance, check with your state’s Insurance Department whether the company is licensed to sell car insurance in your state or not. Take for an example, a car insurance company headquartered in California might not be able to insure your car that is registered in Washington.

Find how the insurance company fares according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

As with every insurance company, go for those companies in Washington that have the most hassle free process to file for claims or talk to an insurance agent to help you decrease deductibles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Car Insurance In Washington

What mistakes should be avoided while selecting the best car insurance?

Many Car insurance companies in Washington offer a plethora of features that can help you buy the best insurance for your newly purchased car:

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Most users buy minimum insurance by only taking the basic coverage. This might not be valuable in case of major damages and repairs. It is not advisable to take car insurance quotes from agencies based in Washington that are different from your home insurance agency because you might end up paying more for both of them.

It is highly recommended to bundle insurance policies to get them at the most competitive prices.
Delays in paying the premium can affect your claim process and make it difficult.

Insurance companies lure customers with lucrative addons, some of which might not even be necessary for your car, thus, avoid choosing these addons as they will help you minimize the cost of your premium.Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Car Insurance In Washington

Why do some cars cost more or less to insure than others?

Safety: Cars that ensure the maximum safety in protecting their drivers and passengers typically have fewer insurance costs. The thumb rule suggests that fewer injuries mean fewer claims for property and personal damage.

Cost of car parts: Apart from the brand name, another factor that attracts higher premium costs is the cost of spare parts. Sports cars using materials such as carbon fiber and electromechanical powertrain that are difficult to repair and replace, incur higher insurance costs.

Retail price: This is one of the most commonly known factors among insurance buyers. The brand name and the classification of the car plays an important role in the cost of the insurance. For instance, a sports car will have a higher premium than a minivan.

What is the difference between car insurance and driver insurance?

Before you search for the best car insurance quotes offered in Washington and other states, it is important to know the difference between a car insurance and a driver’s insurance:

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Car insurance policy covers for personal damages incurred to the driver and the passenger of the car, and covers for damages to and theft of the car. On the other hand, driver insurance covers the cost of the accident and legal actions of the driver involved in the accident but does not cover the cost of repairs and damages to the car.

Car insurance is compulsory in almost every state across the country whereas, driver insurance is optional in many states.

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