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10 health insurance questions to ask employer

Why you’re negotiating your salary and benefits package with your employer, don’t forget to go through the company health insurance plan. Read the fine print and ask these 10 health insurance questions to ask employer to avoid getting into any health insurance surprises. Here are some of the most 10 health insurance questions to ask employer.

10 health insurance questions to ask employer10 health insurance questions to ask employer

Are you being offered an HMO or PPO health insurance plan?

HMOs grants you privilege to certain doctors and hospitals within its network. This network is made up of providers that have agreed to lower their rates for plan members and also meet quality standards. While, PPOs offer a wider network of providers and more coverage, but often come with a higher price tag which most times depends on you to understand which option is right for you, so, just make sure you know what you’re getting into when you decide.

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Does the policy plan cover special procedures and pre existing health conditions?

Do you have a condition that you know you’ll need medical help for, or anyone in your family who will be covered under the plan for that matter? Make enough enquiries about what’s covered and what’s limited.

Is there a monthly premium? What about deductibles?

Will there be a monthly premium? and if so, is it being deducted from the salary or do you have to provide it in a different payment?These are health insurance questions to ask employer when you are trying to find out what the health insurance policy is going to mean for your budget

How long does it take before the plan kicks in?

There can be a period of time when you’re left without health insurance and during this period, you can cover yourself by using a COBRA, which is a short term for health insurance policy. So talk to your employer about whether they have resources available in order to get you onto a COBRA.

Does the health insurance policy cover a specific geographical area?

Are you sure plan does not cover only in the state you live in? Can you rely on it internationally? It’s important to find out on time because the network corresponds to the policy plan you have and not necessarily the umbrella company your insurance is coming from.

Does the plan cover my current doctor?

Remember to ask whether your doctor is covered in the new health plan especially if you desire to keep seeing your doctor often. Some companies publish directories but to be sure, you can find out through your doctor’s office or hospital.

Will the plan still cover my partner?

In situations where the plan doesn’t have domestic coverage, you’ll need to talk to your partner about health insurance options for both of you.

Ask if they have a summary of health insurance plans they’re offering

Your health insurance can get confusing when your employer is offering multiple insurance plans. But where you have one or two well defined criteria that you can easily compare the plans on, you might want to make comparisons based on a summary, instead of delving into the fine print.

Most employers sometimes have at least summary of all the health insurance they provide.

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